Shipping a 1994 Airstream Pusher RV with Heavy Equipment Transport

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William Thomas / January 2021

Jimmy Tomasso, one of our most experienced specialists, received a call from a client who needed to transport a 1994 Airstream Pusher 35 WB RV from Smithville, OH to Buffalo, MO. Jimmy Tomasso advised the client to ensure that everything was well secured by the moving day to avoid any damages while the oversize load was in transit. He also told the client to remove anything that would make the RV too heavy. As soon as the client got off the call, Jimmy Tomasso started processing the shipment immediately. He fully insured the 1994 Airstream Pusher 35 WB and started gathering all the paperwork necessary to have it transported without any issues. He also applied for shipping permits.

Determining The Best Trailer For a 1994 Airstream Pusher RV Transport

After evaluating the 21,000 pounds 35L 8.5W 10.5H 1994 Airstream Pusher RV, Jimmy Tomasso decided that it would only be transported using a lowboy trailer. This type of trailer is strong and stable enough to carry the RV load without a problem. Our specialists are professionals and they help in suggesting the most suitable trailer. After receiving the shipping permits, Jimmy Tomasso called our client asking if he had prepared the 1994 Airstream Pusher 35 WB for transport. When he confirmed to have done everything requested of him, Jimmy Tommaso contacted one of our professional transport drivers in Smithville, OH, and sent him to pick up the 1994 Airstream Pusher 35 WB.

RV on trailer for transport

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Safe Transport and Delivery of the 1994 Airstream Pusher 35 WB RV

When he got there, he carefully loaded it on the trailer and secured it well. He then called Jimmy Tomasso who dispatched the shipment. Our driver decided that route I-70 W was the fastest and the most convenient. Along the way, he watched the speed and regularly stopped to tighten the straps holding down the RV. After about 12 and a half hours, he was already at the drop-off location. 


Jimmy Tomasso


Jimmy is a logistics agent who goes above and beyond. Over the years he’s mastered the art of transport and delivery, making him one of the most requested agents. A strong asset to the company, Jimmy always looks for the best transport solutions. Thanks to his dedication, Jimmy continues to rise through the ranks, and has earned more than one award for his service.