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William Thomas / January 2021

A company contacted us in urgent need to transport a 15000 pounds 40L 8W 8H 6300 gallon tanker trailer from Rothschild, WI to Ivyland, PA. They wanted us to send one of  our professional drivers to deliver it. The shipment had been tasked to Corey Austin, one of our shipping experts. Before sending our driver, he fully insured the 6300 gallon tanker trailer transport and processed all the paperwork needed. The company had paid an extra fee for our expedited shipping services. Therefore, everything had to be done swiftly. With everything ready, Corey Austin contacted one of our drivers in Rothschild, WI and told him where he was to pick up the tanker. When he got there, he thoroughly inspected the 6300 gallon tanker trailer and filled in our power only transportation services bill of lading (BOL). 

Efficient Power Only Transport with Heavy Equipment Transport

When he was done, he called Corey Austin who dispatched him. After evaluating all the routes, he decided to use route I-90 E. He later connected to route I-76. With the weather being quite snowy and harsh, our driver drove the 6300 gallon tanker trailer carefully. After 17 hours of being on the road, he was finally at the delivery point. When he got there, he again inspected the  6300 gallon tanker trailer with the owner comparing its condition with the information filled in earlier on the Bill of Lading (BOL) form. After confirming it had been delivered in the very condition we had picked it in, our client was happy because we had also kept time.

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Convenient and Affordable Power Only Transportation Services

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we provide affordable and reliable power only shipping services. Our drivers are professionals with years of experience. They will deliver your heavy equipment safely and on time. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we take care of our client’s cargo until it’s safely delivered. Our power only transportation services are fully insured. This is vital because incase there is an accident, our clients can be compensated. We offer free and accurate power only shipping estimates. For power only shipping services, contact us today through (888) 730-2951.

Corey Austin

Corey Austin


Corey is a top-notch logistics agent on the NTS team. He is an expert in shipping heavy equipment locally and overseas. Clients trust Corey, because handles every step of the transport process for standard and oversize loads with quality care.