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William Thomas / January 2021

Justin Smith was tasked to help a client transport a MonTag strip till rig from Ohio, IL to Veedersburg, IN. The client had just bought the heavy duty equipment and wanted it delivered within the shortest time possible. Knowing that oversize and overweight heavy duty equipment take longer to ship because they require shipping permits, Justin Smith had to start working on the shipment immediately. He started by applying for the shipping permits. As he waited, he worked on the rest of the paperwork. He also fully insured the MonTag strip till rig. Our specialists always help decide the trailer to transport  our clients heavy equipment

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After evaluating the specifications of the MonTag strip till rig, he decided that the 25000 pounds 28L 11.8W 12.6H heavy duty equipment was best transported on a stretch removable gooseneck trailer.  This type of trailer is mainly used to transport heavy equipment with additional length and capacity. It’s suitable and convenient  when it comes to tricky transportation. By the time Justin Smith received the shipping permits, he already had everything else ready. He immediately called our driver who went to pick up the MonTag strip till rig. 

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The loading was professionally done by the heavy duty equipment dealership. They placed the MonTag strip till rig in a central position for stability. It was then secured well. They also put some red flags on the side of the MonTag strip till rig. This is important to warn the motorists to keep distance from the heavy load. As soon as Justin Smith confirmed everything was successful, he dispatched the shipment. Our driver decided that route I-39 S was the most convenient because it had no traffic. He then connected to route I-74 all the way to the drop off location. At the client’s farm, Justin Smith had sent a professional to help unload the heavy equipment. To transport a heavy load, call us today through (888) 730-2951.