Transporting Trees with Quality Services

William Thomas

Willam Thomas / January 2021

Josh Shaw was assigned to transport trees from Cincinnati, OH to Galena, OH. He was to ensure that the trees were transported through 131 miles safely. He started by fully insuring the shipment and gathering all the paperwork necessary. The trees were 51L 8.5W 10H and had a total weight of about 40000 pounds. He decided that the most suitable trailer to transport them would be a step deck. He called one of our transport drivers in Cincinnati, Ohio and gave him the pick up point and drop off location. Because the trees were being moved in bulk, they couldn’t be loaded in the trailer manually. So, Josh provided load assistance with cranes and forklifts.

Bulk Tree Shipping Services

Skid steer loading trees for transport

When they got there, they parked the trailer in a strategic position for easy loading. After all the trees were loaded successfully, the driver called Josh Shaw, who dispatched the shipment. The driver used route I-71 N because it was the shortest and the most convenient. He was careful along the way because the trees can easily get imbalanced. The trees were delivered safely and on time. Josh Shaw had arranged for another professional to help unload the trees. It was fast and easy. Eventually, all the trees were safely unloaded.

Semi truck on highway

Delivering Trees in Bulk

The client was impressed by our shipping services and left us a positive review commending our professionalism.  We have resources and professionals all over the country. This makes it easy and fast to serve our clients all over the country. Our shipping services are available at affordable rates. Our shipping cost is all-inclusive and with no hidden charges. The amount our clients pay caters for everything, including full insurance, transport and a specialist dedicated to your shipment. We have state-of-the-art trailers to make our transport easy and fast.

Heavy Equipment

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