Assorted Building Equipment Delivery to Pasadena, TX

Moving Building Equipment and Materials to Pasadena, TX


Willam Thomas / January 2021

A construction company contacted us to transport assorted building equipment from El Paso, TX to Pasadena, TX. They urgently needed the heavy equipment shipped and building materials, so they paid an extra fee for our expedited shipping services. Mitch, one of our heavy equipment specialists, was the one processing the shipment. He worked on all the paperwork required for stress-free transportation. He then fully insured the legal load of assorted building equipment. When he evaluated the specifications of the heavy equipment to be transported, he decided that the most suitable trailer would be a step deck. It was spacious enough to accommodate all the heavy equipment.

Assorted Building Materials Delivery

With time ticking, Mitch called our driver in El Paso, TX, and gave the address where he was to pick up the heavy equipment. A removable gooseneck trailer was determined to be the best method of transport for the materials. As soon as our driver called Mitch, he was dispatched. Our drivers are professionals who always know the best routes to use. From El Paso, TX, he used route I-10 E. It was convenient because it had minimal traffic. After 12 hours of being on the road, he was finally at the drop off location.

Fast and Secure Legal Load Assorted Building Equipment Shipping Services

The heavy equipment was safely unloaded. The client was happy because we had kept time. He left a positive review on our website recommending our heavy equipment shipping services. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we commit to a shipment until it’s safely delivered. We only use professionals with the knowledge of every step of a safe delivery. Our building equipment trucking services are very affordable. We fully insure and dedicate a specific specialist to your shipment at no extra fees. With Heavy Equipment Transport, the safety of your heavy equipment is guaranteed. We take care of our clients’ cargo until it’s delivered. To transport heavy equipment anywhere in the country, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

Heavy Equipment

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