What Kind of Permits Are Required for Transporting Equipment on Semi Trucks

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William Thomas / January 2021

Types of Oversize Load Permits Required for Transporting Equipment on Semi Trucks

Are you hunting for a dependable company to deliver top-notch equipment shipping services? Consider Heavy Equipment Transport. We’ve been transporting various types of heavy machinery for over a decade. This means we know everything about what it takes to safely load, secure, and ship your semi-truck to your desired location, including the necessary documentation.

Heavy Equipment Transport has attained various permits to facilitate the hassle-free shipping of your semi-truck. Let’s dive into some of them.

John Deere tractor on trailer for transport

Note that a transport company can have an annual overweight permit covering a specific commercial vehicle for one year.

Permits Needed for Semi-Truck Moving with Heavy Equipment Transport

Single Trip Overweight/ Oversize Hauling Permits

These permits are also known as oversize load permits. They are necessary if the heavy equipment we’re shipping weighs more than 80,000 lbs., and its overall length and width exceed 65′ and 8’6″, respectively. In some states, moving a piece of machinery with a height of over 13’6″ **14’0″ also requires this permit.

Note that a transport company can have an annual overweight permit covering a specific commercial vehicle for one year. This one may come with stringent guidelines, different from a single trip overweight/oversize permit. These rules vary from one state to another. In some jurisdictions, moving organizations can obtain 60 – 90-day oversize permits for their hauling trailers and trucks.

Trip and Fuel Shipping Permits of Heavy Equipment

Trip and Fuel permits are needed for all commercial vehicles without IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) qualifications for the states they plan to operate in. These permits are eligible for transport companies running in Canada and the United States. However, they require these organizations to pay taxes for the distance they travel when moving various heavy machines.

John Deere tractor on trailer for transport

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Permits for Transporting Super Loads

If the weight and dimensions of heavy equipment exceed the limitations of a standard permit, a superload permit is a must-have when shipping such cargo. However, these dimensions are not similar in all the states. For instance, in New York, a machine is considered a superload if it’s more than 160 ft. long, 16 ft. wide, 16 ft. tall, and 200,000 pounds in gross weight. On the other hand, super loads in Texas must be over 20′ wide, 125′ long, and 254,300 lbs. in gross weight. Notably, superload permits are not similar to oversize permits, and obtaining them may take longer than the latter.

Single Trip Overweight/Oversize City and County heavy Equipment Shipping Permits

All hauling companies must have these permits when traveling on various local roads to ship heavy equipment. They are becoming more popular nowadays, owing to more local jurisdictions learning about the commercial transport industry and what’s legal or illegal. As a result, transportation companies go to county or city offices to attain these permits before beginning the shipping process.

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