What is Heavy Equipment Crating?

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William Thomas / January 2021

What You Need To Know About Heavy Equipment Crating and Shipping

A shipping crate is a sturdy wooden box used for transporting heavy items. Crates are frequently used to carry large, bulky products that require additional protection from vibration, shock, and shifting. They are also used to carry things requiring a higher level of security, as they are typically more difficult to access than palletised cargoes.

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Not every organization with the ability to transport major assets have the expertise in equipment crating, blocking, and bracing required to conduct a smooth relocation.

When transporting bulky machinery and equipment, you must properly pack and crate them to ensure safety throughout shipment. You presumably have a significant investment in these products, and they should be handled as such: important assets that require optimal protection.

Cutting costs in this area might have enormous financial repercussions. It is not always possible to remedy loss, damage, or delays by purchasing or delivering a replacement.

Here are some factors to assist you correctly crate and ship equipment and machinery.

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Things You Ought To Know Before Crating Your Equipment

Can the equipment be separated into parts?

Sometimes disassembly is appropriate, and sometimes it is not. You need to know the benefits and drawbacks of doing so?

Do I require specialized personnel for disassembly and reassembly at the destination?

If reassembly is a difficult process, you must guarantee that competent employees are on the receiving end. Working with an experienced company, like Heavy Equipment Transport, is the best way to ensure safe transport for your crates.

Does the item endure exposure to external elements?

The object must be enclosed, crated, and wrapped if it can’t or shouldn’t be exposed to the elements.

Are the dimensions of the item deemed “oversize load”?

There may be extra criteria for transporting and receiving oversized products at their destination. For example, transporting heavy equipment along the road necessitates specific scheduling and an escort.

Do you know and comply with all heavy equipment regulations?

Compliance and rules must be followed to guarantee that your shipment arrives at its destination. States and jurisdictions may have distinct regulations and concerns, which you must be aware of beforehand. Working with a logistics partner is advantageous since they are familiar with current standards and laws and can assist you avoid unpleasant surprises.

What Qualities Should a Logistics Partner with Crating Services Possess?

Here are some essential qualities to look for when selecting a logistics partner for crating services.

  • • Years of experience. Not all logistics firms specialize in crating huge equipment. You should feel confident that your cargo is in good hands, therefore don’t hesitate to ask questions.

  • • The type of equipment they often transport. You should ideally work with a 3PL that has expertise shipping in the type of cargo you’re transporting.

  • • Professional experience. Consider 3PLs that work in your business and have a successful track record.

  • • The extent of their deliveries. If you plan to develop or extend into new markets, you must ensure that your logistics partner can scale with you.

  • • Tracking of shipments and problem resolution. Choose a 3PL that employs state-of-the-art tracking, documentation, and communication technologies to reduce issues and increase process transparency.

A Final Note

Large, heavy equipment and machinery typically require a substantial financial investment. Therefore, it is essential that these expensive items be crated and shipped with care. Therefore, successful heavy equipment transportation takes more than throwing objects on a truck and securing them with straps or chains. Expert heavy equipment movers like Heavy Equipment Transport are aware of the questions that must be asked and the method that must be followed to guarantee that products arrive at their destination intact and on schedule. Not every organization with the ability to transport major assets have the expertise in equipment crating, blocking, and bracing required to conduct a smooth relocation.