What is a Lowboy Trailer?

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William Thomas / January 2021

Clients and truckers looking for heavy and oversized transport services should consider working with an established, reputable, and honest company with the right hauling equipment like lowboy trailers and others.

Heavy Equipment Transport has more than a decade of experience shipping wide and oversize loads for clients using Lowboy trailers. This industry-leading oversized freight transport company has well-trained and licensed drivers to handle this trailer type safely and efficiently. But what is a Lowboy trailer?

What is a Lowboy Trailer?

The trailer, also known as a low-loader or low-bed ship, is super large construction, industrial, agricultural, and other heavy and wide loads safely.

Lowboy trailers are semi-trailers that haul super-heavy and oversized loads with a low deck height. This level allows it to contain the weight and height of such machinery and cargo. The trailer, also known as a Low-loader or Low-bed ship, super large construction, industrial, agricultural, and other heavy and wide loads safely.

Heavy Equipment Transport understands the needs of clients looking for comprehensive and heavy-load shipping services and is equipped with a modern fleet of trailers, including the Lowboy. Equipment hauled on Lowboy trailers is determined by our experts, who ensure they are delivered safely and on time.

The key feature of Lowboy trailers is their low deck height, which enables them to accommodate super heavy and oversized tall loads. This design helps maintain stability for equipment hauled on Lowboy trailers and is ideal for over-height loads.

Its design also helps you avoid excess or extra permits, and the low height allows for clearance under power lines and bridges where trailers with standard height cannot fit.

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Specs and Dimensions of a Lowboy Trailer

The dimensions and specifications of Lowboy trailers make them ideal for tall, heavy, and wide-load transport for clients looking to haul such equipment. These aspects usually vary depending on the intended capacity, design, manufacturer, and use. However, the main specifications include:

  • • Low deck height, which is very close to the ground, usually lower than standard trailers
  • • Multiple axle configurations for weight distribution
  • • Ramps to facilitate loading and off-loading
  • • Detachable gooseneck
  • • Various sizes to handle different weights and cargo, which include the number of axles and spacing
  • • Steerable axles for maneuverability

Heavy Equipment Transport experts also understand the dimensions of this transporter, which helps us determine the load type or equipment hauled on Lowboy trailers. Since the payload capacity ranges from 40,000 to over 80,000 pounds for heavy-duty models, the dimensions of the Lowboy trailer are optimized to handle such weight.

Generally, the standard dimensions of a Lowboy trailer include a legal length of about 24 feet to 29 feet, but sometimes, it can be longer, ranging from 48 feet to 80 feet. The maximum well height ranges from 18 inches to 29 inches. The legal freight height ranges from 11 feet to 12 feet, and the maximum legal width is 8.6 feet.

Heavy Equipment Transport considers these legal dimensions of the Lowboy trailer, gauging the right load it can ship, which also helps avoid unnecessary delays and fines or potential risks to the drivers, your load, and other road users.

Still, with these dimensions, there are also additional extensions called outriggers. These are added on the trailer’s sides for enhanced stability and support when shipping wide or oversized cargo. They prevent your hauled equipment or machinery from tipping over or shifting during transit.

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Types of Equipment Transported on a Lowboy Trailer

As a dignified, distinguished, reputable, super-heavy, and wide-load shipping company, Heavy Equipment Transport experts have enough experience to understand the equipment hauled on Lowboy trailers.

Since the Lowboy trailer is one of the most common types used for heavy-load shipping, we have dedicated and well-trained international agents ready to guide you on the requirements and the type of loads shipped on a Lowboy trailer.

Our core mission as a company with over a decade of experience is to provide super-heavy and oversized load shipping solutions to every client and any destination in the United States. With our logistics agents, we know the right loads to transport on a Lowboy trailer, including but not limited to the following:

  • • Excavators
  • • Backhoes and Backhoes attachments
  • • Agricultural machines such as tractors, planting and harvesting machines
  • • Vans and Buses
  • • Boats
  • • Bulldozers
  • • Tanks
  • • Military Equipment
  • • Oil, gas, and mining equipment like drilling rigs
  • • Aircraft

When you choose Heavy Equipment Transport Lowboy trailer services for your heavy and oversized load transport, our experts and agents will provide everything to ship and deliver your cargo safely and efficiently.

William Thomas

William Thomas

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Being able to lead a team of such talented logistics agents has been a wonderful experience over the past ten years. If you would like to know anything more about the heavy equipment transport services we offer, don't hesitate to give us a call!