Ways to Transport Semi Trucks

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William Thomas / January 2021

Different Ways to Easily Transport Semi Trucks

Heavy Equipment Transport should be your go-to company when you want to ship semi-trucks locally or internationally. We have over ten years of experience in transporting heavy equipment and machinery. Our specialized trucking experts are impressively knowledgeable about the hauling, dispatch, and delivery of these trucks. Rest assured that we’ll bring yours to the specified location while it’s still intact.

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we use various ways to transport semi-trucks across the United States and overseas. Check out some of them below.

Piggyback Semi-Truck Transport

Piggybacking is one of the top ways Heavy Equipment Transport can leverage to move and deliver your semi-truck to you. It comes with a plethora of perks, including safety, cost-effectiveness and simplicity. It’s also legal, so it deters us from running into any problems with the authorities.

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we have many hauling trailers to aid piggybacking your semi-trucks. We can haul about three to four of them at a time, but their weight and length determines the exact number. As expected, we’re conversant with the restrictions that come with this special type of transport. Therefore, we cannot move more than four semi-trucks once, but we’re ready to make two or more trips to guarantee your maximum satisfaction.

semi trucks on RGN for transport

Transport Your Semi-Truck Today

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Semi-Truck Stacking Transport

Here’s another effective way Heavy Equipment Transport uses to haul semi-trucks. For us, heavy duty truck stacking is efficient and simple, mainly because we have the most competent truck stackers. More often than not, we use our step deck trailers for this because they are more versatile and suitable for this type of semi-truck transport.

Heavy Equipment Transport has trained and experienced drivers who can comfortably transport several semi-trucks stacked together. Our team is timely and communicative. We’ll update you on our progress until we get to your location and ensure your freight is in your hands in perfect condition.

Flatbed Semi Truck Shipping Services

Flatbed shipping is a reliable method to move semi-trucks. It is better than using a dry van. No matter how weighty or large your equipment is, we’re confident that we’ll arrive at the destination safely and on time. We have a long list of flatbed trailers to use for the shipping process. Some of these are standard flatbeds, step-deck trailers, RGNs, and lowboy trailers from the world’s most reputable brands.

Heavy Equipment Transport understands that all our trailers may not be convenient for shipping your semi-trucks. Therefore, before we start loading the heavy pieces of machinery, we measure their dimensions first. This helps us identify the best type of trailer to use. For instance, an RGN is ideal if your truck weighs about 44,000 pounds. For those whose weight is 45,000 pounds, we have to use a double drop trailer because it’s designed to carry that much. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about how we secure your trucks on our flatbed. We’ve invested in high-quality chains, straps, synthetic cords and all other necessary equipment to do so.

When you’re ready for us to ship your semi-trucks, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will take care of the rest.