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Shipping Full Load of Granite Slabs with Heavy Equipment Transport

William Thomas

Willam Thomas / January 2021

A construction company hired us to transport a full load of granite slabs from Pompano Beach, FL to Orlando, FL. The 42000 pounds load could only be transported by a professional like Heavy Equipment Transport. We have years of experience and the resources necessary. Corey Austin was the specialist responsible for processing the shipment. He fully insured the 42,000 pounds full load of granite slabs and gathered all the papers required for its transportation. The client had paid for  same-day delivery because they were urgently needed for construction to proceed. He had paid for our oversize load expedited shipping services. After evaluating the weight of the full load of granite slabs, Corey Austin had decided that the most suitable trailer to transport it would be a flatbed.

Loading Granite Slabs for Transport

He went ahead and called one of our drivers in Pompano Beach, FL and gave him the address where he was to pick up the full load of granite slabs. He also contacted our crane operators because they were to help load the oversize load. The loading process took a lot of time because the load was delicate and needed to be handled carefully. After a couple of hours they had all been loaded and secured properly. After Corey Austin confirmed this, he dispatched the shipment. Our driver decided to follow route I-95 N and Florida’s Turnpike because they were the fastest and the most convenient.

Granite slabs loaded on trailer

Granite Slab Delivery Services

Our driver was careful on the road because the 42,000 pounds full load of granite slabs were not only heavy, they were also very delicate. He constantly stopped to confirm everything was still well intact. After about 4hours, he was at the construction site where the 42,000 pounds full load of granite slabs were to be delivered. Again, cranes were used to unload each of them. The unloading process went well and the client couldn’t hide the joy. He left us a review commending our professionalism. To ship an oversize load today, call us through (888) 730-2951

Heavy Equipment

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