Transporting a Volvo Mini Cabover Truck with the Experts

William Thomas

William Thomas / January 2021

Milos Visnjic was incharge of shipping a Volvo mini cabover truck from Cedartown, GA to Fort Lauderdale, FL. He started by fully insuring it and working on all the paperwork necessary. After evaluating  the 13,500 pounds 26.3 L 8 W 9 H Volvo mini cabover truck, he decided that a flatbed trailer would be suitable to transport it. He then called one of our drivers in Cedartown and told him where he would pick up the Volvo mini cabover truck. Our specialists do all the work so that our clients can go about their day-to-day businesses stress freely. Our specialists are experts in recommending the most suitable trailer to transport your heavy equipment.

Convenient and Fast Volvo Mini Cabover Truck Shipping Services

When our driver got to the pickup location, he carefully loaded the Volvo mini cab-over truck on the step deck trailer. He then secured it tightly using chains. He placed stoppers near the wheels to limit movement while on transit. Our drivers are professionals with years of experience. They know how to load and unload different heavy equipment. He then called Milos Visnjic, who dispatched the shipment. From Cedartown, GA, our driver used route I-75 S and Florida’s Turnpike. He stopped regularly to adjust the chains that would get loose when on transit. After 11 hours, he was already at the delivery point where he carefully unloaded the Volvo mini cabover truck.

Volvo mini cabover truck on step deck

Safe and Affordable Heavy Equipment Shipping Services

Our client was happy because we had delivered his Volvo mini cabover truck on time and safely. He was also impressed by our affordable shipping services. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we always work towards ensuring that every shipment we make gets to the owner on time and safely. We offer all our clients free and accurate shipping estimates. We transport heavy equipment anywhere in the country and internationally. To transport any heavy equipment, contact us through our toll free number (888) 730-2951.

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