Transporting a CMI RS500B Tractor and a Komatsu WA480 Wheel Loader

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William Thomas / January 2021

We were hired to transport a CMI RS500B tractor and a Komatsu WA480 wheel loader from Wellington, NV to Oroville, CA. Jason, our most experienced oversized and overweight load transport specialist was the one to process the shipment. He started by applying for shipping permits which take some time to acquire. While he waited, he processed the rest of the paperwork and fully insured the CMI RS500B tractor and a Komatsu WA480 wheel loader. After evaluating the dimensions and weight of the two tractors, Jason decided that lowboy trailer transport was the best solution. Lowboy trailers are very convenient when shipping oversized and extremely heavy weight loads. They are very stable due to their lowest off-the-ground option. Our transport specialists are familiar with the specifications of different types of trailers and what they are best for.

Loading the CMI Tractor and Komatsu Wheel Loader For Shipping

Eventually, Jason received the shipping permits and was ready to dispatch the shipment. He contacted our transport drivers in Werrington, NV, and told them where they would pick up the two tractors. Heavy Equipment Transport uses professional and highly experienced drivers. Our drivers are highly trained on how to handle heavy machinery when loading and unloading them. When our drivers got there, they were keen and very careful when loading each of the tractors. When both tractors were loaded on a lowboy trailer, it was strapped using chains. Before calling Jason for dispatch, they put red flags on each tractor to warn other motorists to keep distance.

Tractor on a trailer for transport

Safe Delivery of The CMI Tractor and Komatsu Wheel Loader

After they called Jason, he dispatched the shipment and advised them to use route US-395 N. It was safe and the fastest. Along the road, the two drivers constantly stopped to tighten the chains holding down the two tractors. After about 7 hours, they were at the drop off location unloading the two tractors. Heavy Equipment Transport, we offer affordable, fast and reliable heavy machinery and equipment transportation services. For oversize and overweight machinery transport, contact us through our toll free number (877) 373-0109.

Jason Foltz

Jason Foltz

Heavy Transport Specialist

Jason founded NTS over a decade ago out of his own home. With vision, perseverance, and dedication, Jason saw his dream of a successful logistics company grow from a single office to multiple offices across the country. He guides his team, leading by example so each person has the best chance at succeeding. The company and Jason’s dream continues to grow, and he’s proud of his team’s achievements.