Transporting a 1963 Triumph Herald Spare Part with the Experts

Transporting a 1963 Triumph Herald Spare Part with the Experts

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William Thomas / January 2021

A client contacted us to transport a 1963 Triumph Herald spare part from Kennett Square, PA to Hobart, WI. He had bought the 1963 Triumph Herald spare part at an auction. The client needed it shipped urgently and had paid for our expedited shipping services. Josh Shaw was the one to process the shipment. Without wasting time, he started working on the paperwork needed to have the heavy equipment transported. He also fully insured the 1963 Triumph Herald spare part. Josh Shaw was also shipping a tractor from the same area to a location near where the heavy equipment shipment was to be dropped off. Therefore, he organized to have the two transported together. 

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After looking at the specification of the two pieces of equipment, he decided a step deck trailer transport was the most suitable to transport them. He called one of our drivers in Kennett Square, PA and gave him the addresses of where he would pick up the heavy equipment. He started by picking up the 1963 Triumph Herald spare part because it was to be delivered last. It was placed on a wooden rack and tightly secured on the trailer. He went to the next address where he picked up the tractor and secured it on the trailer. When he was dispatched, he decided to use route I-76 W. He later connected to route I-80 W. 

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He regularly stopped to check if the heavy equipment was still well secured. Along the way, he safely delivered the John Deere tractor at the location given by our client. After about sixteen hours, he was at the final delivery point where he delivered the 1963 Triumph Herald spare part safely and on time. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we offer affordable heavy equipment shipping services. We offer accurate and free shipping quotes. We guarantee our clients timely shipping services. 

Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw


Josh is a quality logistics agent with NTS. He always provides top quality service to his clients. With years of logistics and transport experience, he provides the best shipping solutions in the business. Josh is here day or night to get your freight moved.