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William Thomas / January 2021

Enzo Hidalgo helped a client transport 40,000 pounds misc pallets and crates from Carrollton, TX to Kearney, MO. The client was in urgent need of the heavy equipment shipped and needed it delivered that very day. He opted to pay an extra fee for our heavy equipment expedited shipping services. Enzo Hidalgo started working on the order as soon as he was off the call with the client. He started by working on all the paperwork needed for transportation. He then fully insured the miscellaneous pallets and crates. After evaluating their weight of 40,000 pounds and dimensions of L 53 W8 H 7, he decided that a flatbed trailer was the most suitable to transport it. Due to their weight and size, he had to apply for shipping permits.

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Our specialists are skilled at always identifying the most suitable trailer to transport our client’s heavy equipment based on their specifications. As soon as Enzo Hidalgo received the shipping permits, he called one of our drivers in Carrollton, TX and gave him the pickup location. Heavy Equipment Transport has professionals all over the country to serve you faster. Our driver immediately went to the pickup location. Enzo Hidalgo had also called some of our professionals with cranes to help load the heavy equipment. The loading process went well, and they tied down the miscellaneous pallets and crates. The driver called Enzo Hidalgo, who dispatched the shipment.

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After considering different factors, such as traffic and weather, route I-35 N was the most suitable to use. Heavy Equipment Transport always uses the most convenient routes so that we can always be punctual. We only use professional and experienced drivers who will take care of your heavy equipment while on transit. After some miles, he regularly stopped to adjust the straps holding down the heavy equipment. After about 9 hours, he was already at the drop off location where he found another professional with a crane to help unload the heavy equipment. To transport heavy equipment, call us today through (888) 730-2951.