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William Thomas / January 2021

Nick Howell was tasked to help a client transport a 40M concrete boom lift without chassis from Terminal Island, CA to Alvarado, TX. Immediately after looking at the 38300 pounds, 30.9L 8.6W 11.6H  40M concrete boom lift without chassis, he knew that it was an oversize and overweight load transport. Therefore, he had to apply for the shipping permits. Overweight and oversize cargo can only be transported on public highways if they have shipping permits. While he waited for the transportation to be approved, he was working on the rest of the paperwork. After looking at the size and weight of the 40M concrete boom lift without a chassis, he decided that a flatbed trailer was the best for transport. 

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At Heavy Equipment Transport, we’ve invested in a lot of modern state of the art trailers. Each trailer has a maximum capacity of the load it can transport. Therefore, choosing the right one is important so as to have easy transport. Eventually, Nick H received the shipping permits. He fully insured the 40M concrete boom without chassis and scheduled to have it shipped the following day. Nick contacted one of our professional drivers near the pick up location and sent him to pick up the 40M concrete boom without a chassis. When he got there, the company that had sold the heavy equipment loaded it on the trailer.

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Our driver secured the heavy equipment on the trailer using strong straps. He then called Nick Howell who dispatched the shipment. From Terminal Island, he decided to use route I-10 E and linked to I-20 E because they were the most convenient. Our driver was careful along the way and regularly tightened the straps holding the 40M concrete boom without chassis. After it got dark, he spent the night in a hotel and delivered the heavy equipment the following day. To transport oversize and overweight loads, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

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Nick Howells


Nick is a logistics agent who is always on top of the game. With thousands of completed transports under his belt, he’s always ready for the next challenge. His top priority is providing each client with a quality shipping experience. He’s available, day or night, for each of his clients.