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William Thomas / June 2022

We were hired by a client to help him transport tractor weights from Eagle Lake, MN to Hermann, MO. He urgently needed the tractor weights and therefore paid for our expedited heavy equipment shipping services. Eddie, one of our top heavy equipment specialists, was the one to process the shipment. He started by fully insuring the tractor weights and gathering all the important paperwork. Each tractor weight had the measurements of 5L 4W 4H. They all had a total weight of 3,000 pounds. After considering these specifications, Eddie decided that a flatbed trailer was the most suitable to transport them. 

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At Heavy Equipment Transport, we’ve invested in modern state of the art trailers to help us transport our clients’ heavy equipment easily. Our specialists help identify the most suitable one for our clients. Eddie immediately called one of our professional drivers in Eagle Lake, MN and told him where to pick up the tractor weights. He advised him to carry straps strong enough to hold the total weight of the tractor weights. He also told him to carry a wooden rack to hold them into position while in transit. When our driver got to the pick-up location, all the tractor weights were evenly arranged on the wooden rack and tightly secured for transport.

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When our driver called Eddie confirming the loading process was successful, he was immediately dispatched. He decided to use route US-218 S because it was the most convenient. He made regular integrity checks and tightened the straps when he needed to. After 8 and a half hours, he was at the drop off location. All the tractor weights were delivered safely. The client was happy because we had kept time and delivered his heavy equipment safely. Our Heavy Equipment Transport services are available all over the country at affordable rates. We serve our clients with maximum professionalism and always ensure they are satisfied. To transport heavy equipment with us, call our toll number (888) 730-2951. 

William Thomas

William Thomas

Heavy Transport Specialist

Being able to lead a team of such talented logistics agents has been a wonderful experience over the past ten years. If you would like to know anything more about the heavy equipment transport services we offer, don't hesitate to give us a call!