Towing a 1998 International Aircraft Fuel Truck and a 750 Gal Tank

William Thomas

Willam Thomas / January 2021

We were contacted by a client who wanted to transport a 1998 International jet fuel truck and a 750 gallon tank from Ann Arbor, MI to Houston, TX. Nick, one of our heavy machinery shipping professionals was the one to see through the transportation. He fully insured each one of them and acquired the right documents for their hauling. After evaluating the 35000 pounds, 37 L 8.5 W 9.5 H fuel truck and 10L 6 W 6 H tank, he decided that a step deck trailer would be ideal to transport them. Before deciding the trailer to use, our specialists evaluate the measurements and weight of the heavy machinery being shipped. Trailers have a maximum capacity. Therefore, knowing the specifications of the heavy machinery or equipment being shipped is important.

Convenient Air Craft Fuel Truck Towing Services

Nick had a three day deadline. Therefore, he decided to dispatch the shipment the following day. Early the following morning, he contacted one of our drivers and told him where to pick up the heavy machineries. He also contacted one of our crane operators and gave him the pick up location. He was to help load the 750 gallon tank on the trailer. Our driver carefully loaded the 1998 International jet fuel truck and carefully secured it on the trailer. Then, a crane was used to load the 750 gallon tank that was also tightly secured. He contacted Nick and told him he was ready to move.

Aircraft fuel truck and fuel tank on a step deck

Timely and Safe Air Craft Fuel Truck Delivery Services

After he was dispatched, our driver decided to use route I-57 S. It was the fastest and the most convenient route. Along the way, he made integrity checks where he tightened the straps. He managed to deliver the air craft fuel truck later that evening. Heavy Equipment Transport provides affordable heavy machinery and equipment shipping services. We provide a free and accurate quote to all our clients. Our heavy equipment shipping services are available all over the country.  To transport any heavy equipment, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

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