The Top 10 Machines Used in Construction

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In every construction project, heavy equipment is used to move objects, excavate, dig, demolish, move or push earth, and more. Transporting overweight and oversized construction equipment requires our expertise at Heavy Equipment Transport, which has over a decade of experience in heavy hauling services.

Understanding the most common machines used in construction sites is vital to ensure you get the right and excellent hauling services from our experts.

What Does The Construction Industry Do?

Moving oversized loads requires expertise and professional companies with a reputable track record in heavy machinery hauling.

The construction industry involves various activities, including creating and designing buildings, planning sites, developing projects, modifying structures, building infrastructure for individuals, businesses, governments, and communities, and making repairs, renovations, and maintenance.

In the construction industry, project managers oversee and ensure the smooth running of the processes. They manage resources, including heavy machinery, liaise with stakeholders, and coordinate activities to ensure the safe and timely completion of projects within a set budget

The Most Used Heavy Equipment for Construction

As we offer professional heavy hauling services for construction equipment at Heavy Equipment Transport, we also understand the most common machinery used in the industry. This helps our experts to provide and carry out efficient shipping solutions for oversized loads.

The most commonly used and transported construction equipment and heavy machinery include:

  1. Bulldozers

These oversized and powerful machines are mainly used in the construction industry to push rocks, soil, and other debris. They are also used for leveling the ground and grading. Bulldozers are designed with a straight or angled blade slightly raised by a hydraulic system. Generally, bulldozers work over a relatively smaller area in a construction site.

  1. Excavators

An excavator is another common equipment used for trenching, digging, and foundation projects in the construction industry. They use a bucket attached to a hydraulic arm to remove soil. Like the face shovel design, most excavators are unsuitable for below-ground or horizontal excavation works. Excavators are one of the top transports nationwide.

  1. Backhoe and backhoe loaders

These versatile pieces of equipment combine the functions of a loader and an excavator and are mainly used for lifting, loading, and digging materials. They are also used for below-ground-level excavation.

  1. Dumper

This equipment is usually smaller than most heavy-duty machinery, with a tipping hopper designed to carry material within a construction site. The machine can easily maneuver on irregular, uneven, or rutted ground.

  1. Dump Trucks

As the name suggests, these trucks are designed and used to transport and dump waste material like soil, gravel, and other construction waste.

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Shipping a bulldozer on a construction site.
  1. Concrete Mixers

A concrete mixer is commonly used in a building site to mix sand, gravel, cement, and water to form concrete. They are designed in various sizes, including portable models for on-site functions.

  1. Power Shovel or Drill

This heavy construction machinery has a pneumatically operated drill mounted on a tracked base. It’s mainly used for cutting large rocks and boulders. They are also usually convertible to a back actor with the bucket replaced by a drill.

  1. Cranes

In high-building construction sites, cranes lift and move heavy materials safely. Common cranes include tower, mobile, and crawler.

  1. Rollers

Commonly used rollers in construction sites include road or steamrollers. These machines are used by expert site workers to compact asphalt, soil, and concrete, especially in road construction.

  1. Grader

A grader is another commonly used heavy machinery in construction. It’s usually a self-contained power unit towed by a tractor. Graders do not excavate. It grades and levels fine loose materials in building sites. The equipment has a central blade but is narrower and flatter than the bulldozer’s model.

Why Safely Transporting Construction Equipment is Essential

Moving oversized loads requires expertise and professional companies with a reputable track record in heavy machinery hauling. Our experts at Heavy Equipment Transport have demonstrated their knowledge and excellence in providing safe transport for construction equipment for over a decade.

Safely transporting construction equipment is essential to prevent accidents and injuries that may lead to fatalities and other avoidable costs and damages. Safely hauling your heavy construction machinery protects it from damages that may be costly to repair or replace.

Heavy construction machinery is usually overweight and oversized loads beyond standard legal dimensions, requiring compliance with set over-dimensional local, state, and federal regulations. These include safety protocols that transporters must follow to avoid legal issues and safety hazards to the driver, equipment, and other road users.

Working with a reputable heavy construction equipment hauling company like Heavy Transport Equipment is essential for sustainability, safety, timely delivery, and efficiency.

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