Should I Use a Local or Nationwide Heavy Equipment Transport Company?

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William Thomas / January 2021

It depends on whether you need local or long distance transport. A local company may be best for a quick haul, but not always. A nationwide hauling company may have more options for your heavy equipment transport, especially for state to state shipping.

Now that we’ve given the answer regarding our stance on “shop local” versus “go big,” we’ll explain why we believe it’s preferable to hire a nationwide heavy equipment transport service rather than a local company when you need to ship your equipment out of state or across the country.

Local equipment transporters may only be available to help you during the certain hours because they have fewer personnel.

Cost Saving For Heavy Equipment Transport

Local hauling companies may be less expensive for equipment shipping, however this may only be the case for really local items. A big nationwide company, on the other hand, has economies of scale. A nationwide company offers more:

  • • Drivers.
  • • Trucks/trailers for transport.
  • • Larger trucks and trailers to transport more equipment, allowing them to charge less for equipment while maintaining a profit.
  • • Routes, allowing them to optimize the cost-effectiveness of a shipment’s journey. The business will use less fuel, spend less time stuck in traffic, and require fewer expensive diversions, and as a result, will charge you a relatively lesser amount.
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Customer Support For Heavy Machinery Hauling

Local equipment transporters may only be available to help you during the certain hours because they have fewer personnel. On the other hand, a countrywide service frequently has customer support agents available around-the-clock, seven days a week. This implies that someone will be available to assist you with shipping updates, information, and even pricing quotations if you have a problem at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

On Time Pick Up and Delivery for Oversize Loads

The more trucks and drivers a transport firm has, the quicker it will pick up equipment and the quicker the equipment will arrive at its destination.

Nationwide Coverage Means More Drop-off and Pick-up Locations

In fact, you may arrange with several nationwide transport firms to pick up your equipment from your residence. This is typically done at an additional cost.

Nationwide Hauling Companies are Able to Transport Classic, Antique Cars and Other Types of Vehicles.

Can a small local hauling company carry motorbikes or other cars, such as a classic or luxury/high-end car? A nationwide company will be able to transport your vehicle for a cheaper price than a local company, which may need to rent a particular trailer and charge you more for the service.

Weight Restrictions and When Heavy Transport is Considered Oversized

The axle significantly determines weight restrictions. Oversized loads may not exceed the overall weight limit, however they can exceed the limit per axle. Remember that if your heavy haul trucking company employs flatbed drivers, it is their responsibility to obtain the necessary permits.

Final Thoughts

As indicated in the blog, choosing a nationwide heavy equipment transport company offers some advantages that you may not enjoy when you use a local transport company. Choosing a heavy haul trucking firm needs careful assessment of the company’s technical knowledge and the appropriate equipment to handle all sorts of heavy haul services, including hazardous and nonhazardous cargo transportation.