Should I Hire a Freight Broker?

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Francisca Olive / June 2023

You need to transport goods, but you can’t decide whether or not to use the services of a freight broker. While this choice may seem challenging, it doesn’t have to be. This article will discuss the benefits of hiring a freight broker.

What is a Freight Broker?

Freight brokers are middlemen between shippers and carriers. They’re responsible for ensuring a smooth handoff between carriers and shippers and timely, secure cargo delivery.

Freight brokers are popular among shippers because they provide a single point of contact throughout the whole shipping process. The hassle of haggling with a carrier, mapping out delivery routes, and keeping track of shipments is eliminated when working with a broker. Freight brokers are helpful to carriers since they can help them plan the most efficient routes and cut down on wasted driving time.

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Duties of a Freight Broker

The two major duties of freight brokerage companies are vetting and selecting reliable carriers and managing the logistics of each shipment.

A freight broker’s role begins long before your cargo leaves your loading port. The first step in this process is a comprehensive examination of its carrier foundation. Before assigning any freight, it’s important to know the answers to questions like “Do they have the necessary authority and insurance requirements?” “What are their areas of expertise?” and “Does their track record show reliability?” A reliable freight broker knows the importance of working with reliable shipping companies. They place a premium on honesty and dependability.

As soon as a broker has verified their carrier network’s suitability, they can work on moving your freight. The primary role of a brokerage is to plan your shipment’s route from origin to destination, including allocating any necessary resources.

Helping customers manage costs and optimize supply chain procedures entails various activities, from scheduling pickups and relaying in-transit updates and recovery alternatives to working with consignees to schedule deliveries. A freight broker’s role is to locate and manage the most efficient means of transporting cargo from point A to point B, regardless of whether that point is across the country or around the corner.

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Benefits of Hiring a Freight Broker

➤ It Saves Money, Resources, and Time

A freight broker can perform the same functions as an in-house shipping department without the associated costs. It will also save you money by eliminating the need to send out invoices, conduct audits, or provide training. By working with a freight broker, you can save money that would have been spent on things like machinery, real estate, and software if you had handled the transportation yourself. Saving money on shipping costs is another way third-party logistics providers can help your organization save money. Freight brokering organizations have the industry expertise and connections to secure lower prices than an individual shipper might negotiate.

➤ Flexibility

Some industries are seasonal. This translates to significantly higher shipment volumes during specific times of the year. Navigating the ups and downs of shipment volume without any backup plans can be challenging. Having access to a freight brokerage opens up a variety of possibilities. Freight brokers have established relationships with numerous carriers and can accommodate your varying transportation demands.

A freight broker might also be helpful because of their variety of solutions. Asset carriers usually can only choose from a limited range of available equipment options. While working with a freight broker, this is not the case. The biggest freight brokerage firms operate with extensive carrier networks that include experts in every field and every kind of vehicle. Your freight broker can adapt to your changing shipping requirements and always provide optimal service.

➤ Expertise and Knowledge

As their name implies, freight brokers are primarily responsible for facilitating shipments. Consulting with one is a great way to gain insight from someone who has already been through the process. You can benefit from their familiarity with cutting-edge shipping tools if you work with them. Loads can be safely secured with their company’s network of pre-qualified carriers, which is staffed by experts. A freight brokerage company is your one-stop shop for all shipping expertise.

➤ Partnerships

Hiring a freight broker also creates a working relationship. They are under your employ; thus, prioritizing you and your concerns is in their best interest. If you find success, they will find success as well. Because their success depends on yours, they will do everything it takes to assist you in any way they can. Their primary responsibility is to aid you in getting your shipment from point A to point B without any hitches.

Key Takeaway

A freight brokerage partnership might be very beneficial to your company. They free you from the arduous task of carrier research, offer adaptability to match your needs, and help you save money.

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