Shipping Multiple Semi Trucks from California to Texas

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William Thomas / January 2021

A repeat client contacted Travis, one of Heavy Equipment Transports top shipping agents, to transport two semi-trucks from San Andreas, CA to Plainview Texas. Starting the transport immediately, Travis searched high and low to get the best shipping price. Multiple factors go into a quote when multiple semi-trucks need to be shipped on one trailer, and through multiple states.

Once Travis found the best deal for his client, he insured the semi trucks, and instructed the client on how to prepare them for transport. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we double and triple check all safety measures, especially when transporting equipment in bulk. Travis found the most qualified driver with a step deck trailer equipped to transport the dual semi trucks.

Loading The Semi Trucks Safely

Because Travis gave detailed directions to his client, the driver was able to load the semi trucks with ease. Because the semi trucks did not run, Travis arranged for cranes to load to the semi trucks onto the trailer. The crew followed top safety guidelines, and the trucks were hauled onto the step deck trailer with ease. 

The driver secured the semi trucks to the trailer with safety straps and rigging and double checked it all before setting off on the twenty-one hour journey from San Andreas, CA to Plainview, Texas. Travis pre-planned the route for the optimal transport time, and to reduce toll pricing. He also checked in consistently with the driver, in order to relay information back to his client. 

Semi trucks on step deck trailer

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Safe Semi Truck Transport and On Time Delivery

At Heavy Equipment Transport we adhere to all road rules and regulations. That means the driver only drove as many hours as legally permissible and made sure to stay off the roads when it was illegal to move oversize and overweight loads.

It took three days to arrive in Plainview, Texas, and the client was glad when his semi trucks were delivered on time. Travis had a crane crew waiting at the delivery point to unload the semi trucks. With everything taken care of, the client signed the bill of lading, and made sure to leave a glowing review for Travis. 

Travis Selochan

Travis Selochan

Heavy Transport Specialist

Travis is a senior logistics agent with vast knowledge of the transport industry. He brings professionalism, attention to detail, and quality client support to every shipment. Once Travis has a client, it’s almost guaranteed they come back the next time they need transport. Some of Travis’s favorite customers include FEMA, Bright Link Recovery Services, Genera Corp, and any classic car that comes across his desk.