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William Thomas / July 2022

A client had just bought a used LVI Kompost King and wanted to have it shipped from Richland, PA to Saluda, SC. Due to the urgency, he paid for our expedited shipping services. Jacob M was the one to process the shipment. He started by working on all the documents necessary to have the heavy equipment transported without any problems. He then ensured that the LVI Kompost King was fully insured. After considering the specifications of the LVI Compost King, he decided that the 1100 pounds 8L 8W 6 H heavy equipment would fit perfectly on a flatbed trailer. After confirming everything was ready on his side, he called our driver in Richland, PA and sent him to pick up the heavy equipment.

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Kompost King on trailer for transport

He had also sent one of our professionals with a crane to help load the heavy equipment on the trailer. He placed it in the middle for stability before securing it tightly using straps. When our driver called Jacob M to inform him the loading process was successful, he was dispatched. He decided to use route I-81 S and later connected to route I-77 S all the way to Saluda, SC. He was at the client’s delivery point after around 10 and a half hours. He found another professional with a crane waiting for him. The LVI Kompost King was safely unloaded.

Kompost King on trailer for transport

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Our client was really happy with our reliable shipping services. We had managed to deliver his LVI Kompost King on time and safely despite it being on a short notice. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we always strive towards making our clients happy. We go over and beyond to meet our clients’ expectations. Our heavy equipment shipping services are very affordable and easily accessible. Our shipping cost is all inclusive. It caters for full insurance and a specialist dedicated to your shipment. For easy heavy equipment transportation, Heavy Equipment Transport is the go to company. For a free shipping estimate, contact us today through (888) 730-2951.

William Thomas

William Thomas

Heavy Transport Specialist

Being able to lead a team of such talented logistics agents has been a wonderful experience over the past ten years. If you would like to know anything more about the heavy equipment transport services we offer, don't hesitate to give us a call!