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William Thomas

Willam Thomas / January 2021

A client hired us to transport a sewing machine from Duluth, GA to Milton, PA. She had just bought the secondhand sewing machine and needed it urgently transported to her address. John Shanley, one of our heavy equipment specialists, was the one to process the shipment. He fully insured the sewing machine and processed all the paperwork. After looking at the specifications of the 200 pounds 4L 4 W 4H sewing machine, he decided on a hotshot trailer for transport. Our client had paid an extra fee for our heavy equipment expedited shipping services. She wanted us to transport the sewing machine that very day. John Shanley called our affiliates in Duluth, GA and gave them the location where they were to pick up the sewing machine and the drop off location.

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Sewing machine

When our driver got to the pickup location, he filled in a BOL form stating the condition of the sewing machine before loading it to the trailer. With the help of the owner, they successfully loaded the sewing machine. He secured it tightly and covered it because the weather was gloomy. He later called John Shanley who dispatched the shipment. With multiple routes to use, our driver decided that I-85 N was the most convenient and fast. He later connected to I-81 N all the way to Milton, PA. After 12 and a half hours, he was at the client’s address, ready to unload the sewing machine. The unloading process was successful.

Sewing machine ready for transport

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He pulled out the BOL form and inspected the sewing machine with the owner to confirm it had been delivered in the very condition it had been picked up in. When the information filled in earlier matched the condition of the sewing machine, our driver was ready to leave. The client was happy because we had transported her sewing machine on a short notice and delivered it safely. To transport heavy equipment, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

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