What is Neo Bulk Trucking Services?

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William Thomas / September 2022

Neo Bulk cargo trucking is a service provided by many trucking and towing companies to deliver a specific amount of cargo. This kind of cargo is a subcategory of general cargo; other forms of cargo being break-bulk cargo and containerized cargo.

While shipping neo bulk cargo, the items shipped are pre-packaged, counted, and accounted for while loading and unloading. They are transported in specific load units and are not stored in shipping containers. Heavy items and equipment are often transported with this system.

Items can be shipped through both sea route and land routes, with specially designed cargo carriers used for the purpose. Since every item has to be accounted for in this form of moving, it requires expert drivers and logistics staff for handling and moving the items. Every item is safely delivered to the designated location.

Neo bulk trucking services will offer you specific kinds of trucks to move cargo depending on its nature and quantity. No matter how huge, heavy or large in number the cargo might be, the logistics team of neo bulk trucking services will make sure all of them are properly packed and counted, both while loading and unloading. This form of moving cargo is good when you have a large number of a specific item and you cannot afford to misplace a single one of them.

Vehicles Used in Neo Bulk Trucking

Neo bulk cargo shipped on a step deck trailer

Trucking services now use roll-on and roll-off carriers for towing vehicles. The carriers are equipped with built-in inclines and vehicles can be loaded into the truck by simply driving them onboard. A chocking system prevents cars from moving during shipping. Trucks with the capacity of holding multiple cars or smaller vehicles are used for land transfer.

Heavy Machinery Neo Bulk Transport

All kinds of equipment for construction tasks or earthwork operations can be moved via this form of trucking. Be it steam or diesel-powered engines, motors, or concrete mixers, you can ship them easily over long distances.

Hauling neo bulk cargo.

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Logs and Metal Carriers Neo Bulk Hauling

Unlike other carriers, if you ship logs via neo bulk shipping, you will gain access to specially designed log carriers that have increased capacity for holding logs. Tips of the logs are extended a little beyond the trucks and every log is accounted for. Metals like steel beams and other items used for construction can also be hauled safely.

Other items that can be moved:

  • Trailers
  • Farm equipment
  • Excavation machinery
  • Scrap metals

With comprehensive neo bulk delivery services, you will get easy access to several moving services for your heavy items, with a compact and easy payment plan. Whether you need the cargo moved to another state, entirely via a land route, or you want it to reach a port for overseas shipping, neo bulk haulers will make the necessary arrangements and take care of all the paperwork necessary for the logistics.

William Thomas

William Thomas

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