How To Transport Semi Trucks In Bulk

How To Transport Semi Trucks In Bulk

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William Thomas / January 2021

Semi-trucks are also known as semi-tractor trucks, tractor-trailers, semis, 18 wheelers, and big rigs. A semi-truck is made of two crucial components. This includes the tractor unit, which generates power which is also where the truck’s cab is found. The other part of a semi-truck comprises one or more trailers that can transport everything from refrigerated items to heavy equipment. Some common types of semi-trucks include day cabs, custom haulers, and sleeper trucks.

Shipping and Delivery of Semi-Trucks In Bulk

There is doubt that it is cheaper to ship many semi-trucks simultaneously than shipping one semi at a time. Clients shipping several semi-trucks prefer long-haul trailers designed and built to ship many loads. Long haul trailers have extended lengths and are equipped with flatbeds onto which the semi-trucks are loaded for shipping. The long-haul trailers include flatbed, lowboy, step deck, and dump trailers, to mention a few. Choosing the best trailer for you will depend on the semi-truck sizes, the trailer carrying capacity, and shipping needs. Given the various fragile parts of a semi-trailer, it is crucial to take extra precautionary measures to prevent damage and keep the load protected at all times.

The easiest way of shipping semi-trucks is by partnering with a renowned, reliable, experienced heavy equipment shipping company. For instance, companies such as Heavy Equipment Transport have been in the shipping industry for over a decade now. Therefore, they know the ins and outs of transporting such large, heavy, and delicate loads over long distances. Loading the semi-trucks onto the shipping trailers is a complex and potentially dangerous process. You will also require special accessories and expert help to secure the load safely onto the trailer for safe shipping.

You can trust your shipping company to help you load and secure the cargo safely at the pickup point and safe unloading upon delivery. This keeps your load, the shipping equipment, the hauling crew, and other road users safe. Shipping semi-trucks from one place to another might require special permits, which can be stressful and expensive to acquire on your own. The heavy hauling company will handle the permit acquisition for you and even complete any necessary paperwork required for a safe and legal shipping process. Hauling experts are also well-prepared to diverge potential unprecedented obstacles that might delay the shipping and delivery of your semi-trucks.

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Why Haul Semi-Trucks In Bulk?

If you plan to move more than one semi-truck either to or terminus or across various destinations, bulk shipping is cheaper than moving one car at a time. Bulk transportation saves you the money you will use on paying for one long-haul truck. Besides, when you transport several semi-trucks at once, you and helping the operators fill their shipping loads, which might come with some discounts.

Most shipping companies can also cut their ultimate transportation costs by combining several shipping orders moving along a common route. By doing this, the company will enhance its total daily outputs while minimizing the expenditure costs.