How to Transport a Semi Truck if You Breakdown

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William Thomas / January 2021

Semi-truck breakdowns are not uncommon. They’re mainly caused by various reasons, such as a faulty battery or air leaks. If your semi-truck breaks down, don’t panic. Instead, hit your flashers to let other drivers know they need to make some maneuvers once they are close to your location. Then, calmly get off the road and try to diagnose your vehicle’s problem.

If fixing the issue proves difficult, don’t stress over it – let Heavy Equipment Transport help you out. We’re available to transport your semi truck to the nearest auto repair shop within the shortest time possible. We’ve handled many similar situations before, so you don’t have to worry about our competence or experience. Our experts possess the practical know-how required to take care of this task professionally.

Effective Shipping a Broken-Down Semi-Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

Heavy Equipment Transport has invested in a broad range of recovery vehicles handy when transporting semi-trucks after breakdowns. We also have a list of other equipment to expedite this process and guarantee success. These include the adjustable boom, slide, wheel lifts, and belt lifts. We know that the process of moving every damaged semi-truck is unique. That’s why our experts are keen on identifying the safest method to move your vehicle to a location of your choice. This procedure also entails selecting the best equipment to use. For instance, if your semi-truck cannot move, we’ll need a forklift to haul it and place it on our carrier.

Heavy Equipment Transport’s semi-truck moving experts are extra keen to avoid causing any more damage to your vehicle. We have also set affordable rates for our services, mainly because we understand this might be an expense you weren’t prepared to incur. We’ll tell you about our pricing as soon as you reach out to us to avoid any inconveniences. You don’t have to worry about your current location – our damaged semi-truck services are available nationwide.

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How to Transport a Damaged Semi-Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

Supposing your semi-truck has broken down when you’re in the middle of the road, and you cannot find a mechanic to provide emergency roadside assistance. Get in touch with Heavy Equipment Transport soon after easing off the road. Our knowledgeable professionals will develop an immediate plan to transport your semi-truck to your preferred auto repair shop within your area.

While you wait for us, call your insurance company to let it in on the issue. If it’s included in your coverage, it’ll make it easier for the firm to organize how it can help to cover the repair costs. In case you don’t wish to wait for your semi-truck to be fixed after we move it to your chosen repair shop, feel free to trust us to bring it to your location at a convenient time. Our logistics team is pretty efficient – we’ll know the fastest route to use to get to you.

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