How to Tow a Semi Truck Using Another Semi Truck

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William Thomas / January 2024

Towing your semi-truck using another semi-truck is an ideal way to transport it from one location to another. To do it, you need the assistance of a reputable shipping company capable of handling this task quickly and resourcefully. The towing experts you pick should have a reputation for offering consistent, top-notch services customized to suit your unique needs.

Fortunately, you can know what to expect from a semi-truck towing service provider by checking its website or social media profiles. What do previous clients say about it? Positive reviews could mean the company will give you your money’s worth. Negative comments are a red flag and should prompt you to look for another towing organization.

Heavy Equipment Transport should be on your list of options whenever you search for a reputable company to tow your semi-truck using another. We tick all the boxes for a reliable, affordable, and convenient towing company serving the nation. So, let’s delve into how we’ll haul your semi-truck using another.

Expert Semi Truck Towing And On Time Delivery

The first thing Heavy Equipment Transport does when moving your semi-truck with another semi-truck is design a concrete plan to do this. Next, our team will get all the equipment to get the job done as expected, depending on the first semi truck’s features. For instance, the towing semi-truck has to be larger and weightier than the one we’re moving. This promises enough power to keep towing, even in traffic.

During this process, our semi-truck hauling professionals use a tow bar. We attach its front part to a rear-mounted hitch on the towing semi-truck—we have high-quality safety chains to avoid failure. Our drivers are extremely cautious to avoid any delay while in transit. Therefore, we ensure that there’s no passenger in the semi-truck we’re towing. We also turn on its ignition to prevent the wheel from locking. Finally, if we’re pulling the vehicle at night, we ensure the towed semi truck’s parking lights are on to warn other motorists on the road and prevent accidents.

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How to Tow a Semi-Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

You shouldn’t think twice about contacting Heavy Equipment Transport to tow your semi-truck using another semi-truck. For us, this process is a breeze, owing to our over ten years of hands-on experience. In addition, our outstanding semi-truck towing experts know precisely what to do to ensure this process is smooth, safe, and speedy.

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we boast an exceptional logistics team whose job is to create an error-free semi-truck towing plan based on the dimensions and condition of your vehicle. This enables you to rest assured of efficiency no matter where you are in the United States. We also come with an incredible customer support team available around the clock to enhance your experiences and offer client satisfaction. If you want to know the location of your semi-truck, or the progress we’ve made, we’re just a click away!