How to Secure a Container for Transport

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Francisca Olive / May 2023

Shipping containers are built to withstand the elements and deter theft, two of the most prevalent risks faced during container transport. COR-TEN steel, also known as weathered steel, is resistant to corrosion and is used to make all conventional 40-foot and 20-foot shipping containers. This type of steel is highly durable, which is why shipping containers are weather-resistant. But, this does not ensure that your shipping container is impenetrable to outside forces, such as severe weather or thieves. Below is a guide on securing a container for transport.

Securing a Shipping Container to a Trailer

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Securing a shipping container to a trailer is easy with the help of container twist locks. With these locks, there’s no need to chain or strap the containers to the trailer, which speeds up loading time and improves safety (they don’t sag or need to be tightened like chains and straps, and they can withstand inclement weather). Drivers prefer them because they are less complicated to use and pose fewer dangers than chains.

There are corner castings on all eight corners of the box, four on the bottom and four on the top. These corner castings make using twist locks to fasten shipping containers a breeze. It is common practice to rest the corner castings of a container on the twist locks at the trailer’s ends.

The twist lock handle must then be rotated 90 degrees to secure it. This essential safety measure will keep the container fastened at all four corners and attached to the trailer throughout the trip.

Transporting cargo via road is streamlined with the help of container locks, which are adaptable and resilient. Once they are engaged, it is improbable that the load will shift, in contrast to what can occur when shipments are strapped or chained. Their strength makes them ideal for preventing the loss of goods on rough roads.

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Make Sure The Container is Tightly Sealed

No security measures will be adequate if your container has rust or corrosion-caused cracks or holes. It’s easy for a burglar to inspect your container and discover entry points that don’t require messing with a lock.

Consider purchasing or renting a corrosion-resistant container to reduce the likelihood of theft. If you can’t do that, you can always paint or treat your container with anything that will make the metal more secure, long-lasting, and resistant to weather-related damage.

Secure The Container With a Heavy-Duty Padlock or Lockbox

The first step in securing a container for transport is to ensure you lock the container with a heavy-duty padlock. A regular padlock would be ineffective against a skilled burglar who can easily cut the lock and gain entry to your container. If you want to lessen the likelihood of your locks being broken, you should get a high-quality, heavy-duty padlock or a container lockbox.

A container lockbox is a lockable steel container for storing a container padlock. Thieves won’t be able to tamper with your locks as much if you use this extra precaution. It usually takes a few minutes to bolt or latch them on, and the process is easy.

Security Cameras Will Provide An Extra Layer of Security

Investing in a high-quality surveillance system discourages would-be criminals from breaking into your shipping container and stealing your goods. The presence of surveillance cameras deters would-be criminals because they know there is a high probability that they will be caught.

Securely fastening a CCTV pole equipped with a camera to the top of your shipping container is an easy way of setting up this monitoring system. The security camera will have a straight line of sight to any potential criminals passing by, alerting them that they are being watched. It will also have a clear line of sight to the front of the container, allowing it to record a wide range of footage during container transport.

Consider Installing An Alarm System Inside The Shipping Container

Be sure to pick an alarm system that will give your shipping container the highest level of protection possible. Alarms are available nowadays that go off when a shipping container is opened. You can also install a motion detection alarm system on the container’s door.

An audible alarm may not protect your container in a remote area. To protect your cargo from potential thieves, install an alarm that sounds an alert at the first sign of intrusion.

Key Takeaway

Securing a container for transport is simple and inexpensive, with proper preparation and execution. Don’t forget to buy and prepare the locks, accessories, modifications, and security features you’ll need to ensure your container is sealed tight and secured to a trailer.

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