How to Load an Inoperable Semi Truck on a Trailer

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William Thomas / January 2021

Semi-trucks, also called semi-tractor trucks, are some of the most useful, versatile, and reliable heavy-duty commercial vehicles. A semi-truck encompasses a combination of a tractor unit (which provides the power) and a semi-trailer. Loading and shipping a semi-truck trailer can be quite nerve-wracking, especially if you are not trained and experienced in such tasks. It Is even more complex when the semi-truck is inoperable. Between weight balancing, reduced ground clearance, unstable ramps, and limited room on either side, among other variables, loading a semi-truck onto a trailer can go wrong in a heartbeat. That is why you should consider working with an experienced hauling company.

Properly loading a semi-truck requires expert drivers, knowledgeable spotters, and the proper loading equipment at hand. The best shipping companies are equipped with top-quality loading equipment and a trained, experienced team for quick and safe loading. You are therefore assured of a smooth and hassle-free shipping process.

How Do You Load An Inoperable Semi Truck On a Trailer For Smooth Hauling?

Inoperable Semi Truck Transport

Properly loading a semi-truck requires expert drivers, knowledgeable spotters, and the proper loading equipment at hand.

The common tool used in loading inoperable semi-trucks is called a winch. A winch is a special device that can either pull in or wind out a cable or rope. It can be hand or machine-operated. Ideally, the loader will attach the cable or rope to the car, then pull it in slowly and carefully. Hand-operated cars are equipped with cracks that provide enough torque to load the semi-truck onto the trailer.

After loading, be sure to tie down the semi-truck to prevent it from shifting during transit. Be sure to follow the guidelines specified in your owner’s manual for precision and safety. Ensure that the tie-downs are well secured at the front and the rear side of the semi-truck. It would be best to use built-in straps, chain slots, and D-rings for easy and reliable securing of the lad. Remember to thoroughly inspect the load and the securing system to ensure that everything is in place. Check the trailer wheels and ensure they are well inflated to prevent the tie-downs from loosening during shipping.

Inoperable Semi Truck Transport

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Does It Cost More? | Inoperable Semi Truck Transportation

Yes. Loading an inoperable semi-truck is costlier than loading a running one. Loading a non-running semi-truck requires more time, specialized equipment and comes with a higher damage risk. In fact, most haulers, if given a chance, would rather transport a running semi over the inoperable one. Combined with other variables such as location, the complexity of transportation, and the distance, shipping anon-running semi-truck can increase the ultimate shipping costs.

Please note that every shipping company is different, and it would be best to speak to them directly. Some companies will try to charge you higher costs, and therefore, due diligence is vital. Go for shipping companies that are not reputed for offering low prices but for guaranteeing clients the ultimate value for their money. Anything can go wrong at any time. It is therefore crucial that you always ensure that your shipping company is licensed, bonded, and insured before trusting them to ship your semi-truck.

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