How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Semi Truck

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William Thomas / January 2021

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Semi-Truck?

Ideally, you can ship a semi-truck by towing it behind another semi-truck. While this might be a very straightforward and affordable option, it might not be practical when you need to tow over long distances. This is because it tends to put excess pressure on the drivetrain. When transporting a semi truck across the country, the best option might be using a flatbed, step deck, Removable Gooseneck, or any other specialized trailer.

Usually, it might cost you a little more to transport an inoperable semi compared to transport a fully operational one. This is primarily due to the loading, unloading, and shipping of the cargo, which might be a little more complex therefore attracting extra charges. For instance, loading an inoperable semi onto a trailer might require additional equipment such as cranes and forklifts. The best thing would be partnering with a reliable and reputable heavy hauling company. Be sure to ask them about the costs of hauling an inoperable semi-truck, so you can prepare if there are additional fees. All the same, a reliable company should be able to provide you with a precise and transparent estimate and be willing to negotiate depending on your needs and budget. Here are some of the factors that might affect the total cost of transporting your semi-truck.

Semi Truck Delivery, Distance, and Seasons

Semi truck on step deck trailer for transport

Usually, it might cost you a little more to transport an inoperable semi compared to transport a fully operational one.

Generally, the longer the distance between the pick-up and the destination point, the more the trucking and delivery costs. All the same, freight rates also depend on the specific geographic location, routes, and other delivery complexities. Fortunately, experienced drivers know the shortest, safest, and easiest ways to maneuver, reducing the distance and, resultantly, the total cost of transportation. They can also add more fulfillment centers to frequently operated areas, reducing delivery times to far-flung areas.

Seasons can significantly influence the total transportation costs. An increase in demand translates to an increase in price. This is where an experienced semi truck transportation company comes in handy. They can effectively forecast the trends in the previous years and guide you on the best times to ship your semi-truck. Besides, no doubt shipping your semi-truck during the winter season will come at a higher cost. This is because shipping heavy equipment during such climatic seasons requires special consideration. There are also more restrictions put in place, meaning that you might need extra permits and sometimes a change in the hauling schedule. The roads are also challenging to maneuver, and in some cases, the drivers might have to use alternative lanes to guarantee safe hauling. Suffice to say, all these disruptions together translate to a higher shipping budget.

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Labor Costs Involved in Handling, Trucking, and Delivery of Semi Trucks

Depending on the dimensions of your semi-trailer, your transport company will have to calculate how much workforce is required. This is not only about loading and offloading but also the ease of handling during transit and the type of trailer that can accommodate the cargo. This also includes the extra materials and resources the company might have to provide, such as cranes and rigging equipment such as straps and chains. Suffice to say, larger and heavier semi-truck models will cost you more to transport compared to smaller and lightweight models.

Overhead Transport Costs of Additional Materials for Semi Truck Shipping

Insurance coverage, fuel costs, and cargo tracking all come at an extra cost. This also includes additional resources such as protective covering when you need semi-protected from such elements as hailstones and extreme heat from the sun. The vehicle’s mileage is also considered an overhead cost and will also be included in the quote of the shipping service. While these costs might seem like a little too much, setting for a cheaper but unreliable company might cost you more in the long run.