Should I use Hot Shot Trucking or Regular Transport Service for Local Hauls?

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Francisca Olive / October 2022

As a business owner, it is essential to discover the most cost-effective means of operation. Frequently, it requires making compromises. However, it may also mean working smarter, i.e., taking advantage of services that are in place to help your business perform better, rather than growing your organization to accommodate those operations. In this instance, we will examine whether you should use hot shot trucking or regular transport service for local hauls, which majorly depends on the size of equipment you want to transport, the urgency of delivery and the accessible of the destination.

Typically, hotshot trucks transport very small, time-sensitive items to locations that are easily accessible. While the majority of hotshot trucking cargoes are delivered within a 50-mile radius, they can also be utilized for cross-country shipment. You might think of hotshot truck drivers as the “minutemen” of the trucking industry, as they are frequently prepared to make emergency deliveries, such as farm equipment or appliance delivery, on short notice. With the definition of hotshot trucking, you should know whether you need to use the method or regular transport service.

The Advantage of Using Hot Shot Trucking

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The hotshot trucking niche provides customers with an immediately available resource for expedited shipment, regular local transport availability, and the option of avoiding service downtime while decreasing the cost of expedited shipping.

Hot shot trucking is an excellent method for transporting time-sensitive or smaller cargo. As the name indicates, the focus is on delivery speed. Hot shot trucking differs from standard trucking due to the equipment utilized and the size of the transported cargo. Hot shot trucking can be regional or nationwide. However, it is often reserved for small local and regional routes.

Hot shot trucking began as a service between oilfields and oil component manufacturers. With the passage of time, hot shot trucking is currently utilized to transport agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, construction equipment, one or two automobiles, and many types of heavy loads. Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal hot shot trucking services are available. When you use door-to-door hot shot trucking services, your heavy cargo is picked up and delivered directly in front of your home or business. Terminal-to-terminal hot shot trucking signifies that your shipment is picked up and dropped off at a nearby terminal, and you are responsible for retrieving it by yourself. Terminals are utilized to decrease expenses or because the primary location is inaccessible for collection and delivery.

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Choosing a Suitable Hot Shot Trucking Provider

Hot shot trucking is the ideal solution for fast transportation of a large load across a short distance, anywhere in the country. The first step is to contact several suppliers of expedited transportation services and get shipping prices.

You will then assess the various providers based on factors such as pricing, insurance, and experience with hot shot transport. Hot shot transportation prices from different firms should fall within the same range. If a firm is too pricey or inexpensive, proceed with caution. Below are some features of a reliable provider of hot shot trucking services.

Fully Insured

A reputable hot shot trucking services provider should fully insure your shipment before it is transported. This is essential since anything might occur along the route, in which case you should be reimbursed in full. You should inquire about a hot shot trucking company’s insurance policy to verify that they have adequate coverage when transporting your equipment.

Instant Quotes

Once you send specifics about your shipment to a hot shot trucking firm, you should receive an all-inclusive shipping price with no hidden costs. Depending on the payment method you pick, you should only pay once unless you want a service that wasn’t included in the first shipment estimate.


Ensure that the hot shot trucking company is licensed to transport your equipment. To validate, you can request the company’s license number and look for it on the FMCSA website. In the website, you will also be able to determine whether the hot shot trucking firm has ever been involved in accidents. If the firm has a history of accidents, concerns with their licensing, or no license at all, it is preferable to choose a more suitable alternative.

Industry Experience

An experienced hot shot firm is preferable since you can examine their service history. You may determine whether the organization has provided hot shot trucking services to other clients by reading online reviews. When working with a new carrier with no previous experience, you take a risk. A corporation with a history leaves a paper trail and evaluations that you may examine to determine whether or not they are trustworthy.


The hot shot trucking company you select should have nearby resources and personnel. Your time-sensitive big load should not be transported by a driver from a different city. Hot shot trucking services must be readily available and trustworthy.


For local transport, hot shot trucking is only more suitable when the goods transported are very small, time sensitive or are transported regularly, otherwise you should opt for regular transport service. It’s important to understand that hot shot trucking is not the same as expedited delivery, even though it focuses on completing time-sensitive shipping assignments. Expedited shipping focuses on making faster-than-usual deliveries and frequently requires a trucking company to have trucks on standby.

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