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Francisca Olive / July 2022

A client hired us to help them transport a JLG G10-55a telehandler from an auction in Perry, GA, to Wilson, NC. The client wanted it transported that very day and paid an extra fee for our expedited shipping services. The shipment was assigned to Eddie, one of our great heavy equipment specialists. He fully insured the JLG G10-55A telehandler and acquired all the paperwork needed to have it shipped without any problems. After evaluating the 24by 8by 8.5 35k lbs JLG G10-55A telehandler, he decided that an RGN trailer was the most suitable transport. He called one of our drivers in Perry, GA, and told him where to pick up the JLG G10-55A telehandler. Luckily, the driver had helped a client transport heavy equipment to the auction and hadn’t left. Therefore, he immediately went to pick up the JLG G10-55A telehandler

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Transportation of a JLG G10-55A telehandler.

When he got there, he carefully loaded the JLG G10-55A and secured it well on the trailer. Our Heavy Equipment Transport specialists help determine the most suitable trailer to transport our clients’ heavy equipment based on their specifications. When our driver was ready to leave, he called Eddie, who dispatched the shipment. Before any shipment is dispatched, we check the most convenient route. In this case, route I-20 E was the most suitable. Our driver later connected to route I-95 N, which goes all the way to Wilson, NC. After 7 and a half hours, the driver was already unloading the JLG G10-55A telehandler at the drop-off location. 

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Our shipping services satisfied our client because we were reliable and delivered on time. We offer affordable heavy equipment and machinery shipping services. Our shipping services don’t have any hidden fees. The shipping cost covers everything, including a full insurance cover and a specialist dedicated to your shipment. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we offer our clients free shipping quotes. To transport a JLG G10-55A telehandler with Heavy Equipment Transport, call us today at (888) 730-2951.

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