Hauling a Case 2590 Tractor with Heavy Equipment Transport

Shipping a Case 2590 Tractor with Heavy Equipment Transport

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William Thomas / January 2021

Brian, one of most experienced specialists, helped a client transport a Case 2590 tractor from Harrisburg, AR to Rubicon, WI. He started by applying for shipping permits to transport the super load. Shipping permits can take a long time depending on what is being transported. While Brian was waiting for the shipping permits to be processed, he was working on the transportation paperwork. He also fully insured the Case 2590 tractor. After looking at the specifications of the Case 2590, he decided that the most suitable trailer to transport it would be a lowboy trailer. Our Heavy Equipment Transport specialists are experts when it comes to choosing the right trailer. 

Easy Case 2590 Tractor Shipping Services

  • At Heavy Equipment Transport, we have a variety of modern state of the art trailers. Depending on the specifications of the heavy equipment or machinery being transported, we use the most appropriate one. After a couple of weeks, Brian received the shipping permits. He immediately called one of our drivers in Harrisburg, AR and sent him to where he was to pick up the Case 2590 tractor. Heavy Equipment Transport has professional drivers all over the country to help us transport heavy equipment fast. They are experts when it comes to loading and unloading different heavy equipment transports. When our driver got there, he loaded the Case 2590 tractor and secured it on the trailer. He also loaded its spare wheels on the gooseneck and secured them using straps

Transport Your Case 2590 Tractor Today

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Safe and Convenient Case 2590 Tractor Hauling

After confirming everything was ready, Brian dispatched the shipment. When our driver set off, he decided to use route I-57 N all the way to Rubicon, WI. Our drivers are aware of the fastest and the most convenient routes to use to get to the drop off location on time. He was careful along the way to ensure the Case 2590 tractor was safe. After about 14 hours, he was already at the drop off location ready to unload. The unloading process went well and our client was happy because of a job well done. To transport heavy equipment or machinery, contact us today through (888) 730-2951.

Brian Goncharsky


Brian has been with NTS for over five years now. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the Branch Manager of the Fort Lauderdale office. He specializes in moving all heavy equipment and oversize loads. This past year, Brian received an award for being the top salesman in the company. Congratulations Brian!