Power Only Beverage Trailer Trucking Solutions

William Thomas

William Thomas / January 2021

A client contacted us in urgent need to have his 26ft semi beverage trailer moved from Petaluma, CA to Sunland, CA. The client wanted us to find a professional driver who would deliver the 12,000 pounds 26 L 8 W 9 H 26ft semi beverage trailer on time and safely–meaning they wanted power only trucking solutions. Heavy Equipment Transport only works with professional and experienced drivers. Our drivers have been working with us for years. David Jones, one of our top specialists, was the one in charge of the transportation. He started by fully insuring the 26ft semi beverage trailer and acquiring all the paperwork required for smooth transportation.

Beverage Trailer Delivery with Power Only Trucking

When he had everything ready he called one of our drivers in Petaluma, CA and told him where he would pick up the 26ft semi beverage trailer. When our driver got there, he started by inspecting the 26ft trailer and filling in the BOL form. He then called David Jones and was dispatched. From Petaluma, CA he chose to use route I-5 S because it was the most convenient. After about 7 hours, he was already at the delivery point. He inspected the 26ft semi beverage trailer with the owner to confirm if it had been delivered in the very condition that he had picked it up in. When the BOL form filled earlier matched the current state of the trailer, the owner was happy because he was certain his 26ft  semi beverage trailer had been delivered safely.

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Affordable Power Only Shipping Services

He left us a positive review appreciating our reliability and timeliness. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we offer affordable power only transportation services. Our shipping cost is all inclusive catering for full insurance and a specialist dedicated to your shipment. We offer free and accurate power only transportation services. Our specialists follow up with your shipment until it’s safely delivered. For power only shipping services contact us through our toll free number (888) 730-2951.

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