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William Thomas / January 2021

One time or another, you might need to haul heavy and oversize equipment that surpasses the size of regular roadways. In that case, you will require special permits and shipping equipment to move your load safely and legally from one point to another. If you are operating on multiple projects with a small trailer truck, it will slow down your progress significantly. It is even worse when you need different materials hauled simultaneously to different areas. Sometimes, you might even have to ship your cargo internationally, which makes things even harder.

That said, having a reputable shipping company you can rely on will eliminate the stress that comes with dealing with state regulations. This includes the documentation involved in acquiring the necessary permits needed for shipping oversized loads. A reliable shipping company will handle the entire shipping process right from pick up to delivery. They will also deal with the legalities in place and acquire the necessary permits for you, suffice to say, such an arrangement is paramount to your project success. Besides, you will have the time to focus on more important things with the confidence that your valuable asset is in the right hands of shipping experts. Here are the top benefits of heavy equipment transport:

Eliminates the Initial Cost of Purchasing Delivery Trucks

There is no argument that buying brand new shipping equipment is crucial. This might have a significant impact on your budget, which might take you a long time to recover. Whether you need a flatbed, step-deck, or double-drop trailer to ship your cargo, partnering with reputable shipping companies is the way to go. For instance, companies like Heavy Equipment Transport have invested in a state-of-the-art fleet, specialized to accommodate different loads. This means that your needs and expectations will be timely met no matter how complex they might appear.

When you have your own shipping equipment, there are many maintenance and repair costs to cater for. This might be needed on quite a regular basis, depending on how much you use them. As such, you might still find yourself spending a lot of money on these assets even after investing so much money in purchasing them. By hiring a heavy hauling company, all maintenance and repair costs are lifted off your shoulder guarantee, which will eventually save you a lot of time and money.

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A Heavy Equipment Transport and Trucking Company Has More Experience

Heavy hauling can be quite daunting, especially for inexperienced shippers. Experience is even more crucial when moving goods over long distances. Note that some roads are not designed and constructed to accommodate oversize cargo, and you might need to assess and map out alternatives. Besides, different states and countries have different limitations and restrictions when it comes to heavy trucking. However, renowned heavy hauling companies such as Heavy Equipment Transport employ trained and experienced drivers who understand the ins and outs of heavy equipment transport. They will assess and choose the best, safest, and quickest routes possible, ensuring that your cargo gets to its designated destination timely and safely.

Acquisition of Trucking Permits and Escorts is No Longer Your Problem

Depending on what you are moving to, you might require permits to guarantee a safe and legal shipping process. Note that permits might vary depending on the state and country you are shipping to or from. When you choose to engage Heavy Equipment Transport shipping company, permits and documentation will no longer be your problem. It might be hard to determine whether your load is oversize or not on your own. Fortunately, as the leading shipping company, we will help you determine its dimensions and as well help you select the right trailer for it. If your load is oversize, our seasoned logisticians will help you acquire the escort vehicles needed for safe and legal transportation.