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All-Inclusive Semi Truck Transport in Minnesota

When it comes to semi truck transport services available in Minnesota, you'll rarely find a semi truck shipping company that offers more options than Heavy Equipment Transport. We firmly believe we're the only semi truck transportation company that you'll ever need. Once you've experienced first-hand how professional, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable our semi trucking experts are, you'll never want to go to anyone else.

We understand that semi trucking requests in Minnesota often require extensive route planning, scheduling, paperwork, and more that you might not want to handle. That's why we offer a fully comprehensive semi truck transport service that incorporates all the necessary paperwork, planning, and logistics, as well as ensuring the safe shipping of your semi truck. Find out more now! (888) 730-2951


Minnesota Semi Truck Shipping Professionals

When we transport a semi truck, we don't just ship from A to B. We take into consideration all the extra requirements. We know that GPS load tracking and loading and unloading assistance can be a crucial part of your request, and that's why we offer a fully customizable semi truck shipping service. Our experienced semi truck handlers can quickly, safely inspect, load, and unload a semi truck anywhere in Minnesota. We transport Semi Trucks to all cities within Minnesota, Including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, and Bloomington. To ensure your semi truck transport request completes without a hitch, we work with experienced, fully insured, and qualified professionals to get the job done. Get a quote today! (888) 730-2951

Major Semi Truck Transport Routes in Minnesota

In Minnesota, our Heavy Equipment Transport company can be seen using busy shipping routes, including the following highways:

  • I-35
  • I-94

  • I-35 is a highway that stretches between north and south Minnesota, beginning in Laredo, TX, and ending in Duluth. I-35 enters Minnesota from the Iowa state line near Albert Lea and heads north to the Twin Cities. Just south of the metro area, the I-35 splits in two, with the eastbound route going through St. Paul and the westbound route heading into Minneapolis. North of the Twin Cities, I-35E and I-35W merge and head north to Duluth, ending near Lake Superior's shore.

    I-95 is a 259-mile route that stretches from east to west through central Minnesota. As it connects Moorhead, Fergus Falls, St. Cloud, Alexandria, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, the highway is an integral transport corridor. From Moorhead at the North Dakota state line, the route heads southeast through the rising and falling ex-glacial terrain until the last beach line at Rothsay. Along the way from Rothesay to Minneapolis, there are frequent lakes visible from the road. After it leaves Minneapolis and St. Paul, the road navigates Washington County and exits near Lakeland, Minnesota.


    Transporting a 2019 Peterbilt 375 Semi Truck from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Denton, Texas

    We transported a semi truck from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Denton, Texas within the given time frame.

    Milos Visinjic, one of our top agents, received a call from a client who needed semi truck shipping services from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Denton, Texas. He had just bought a 2019 Peterbilt 375 and needed it transported to his business in the next few days. Milos started working on the paperwork immediately and fully insured the semi truck. After looking at the dimension and weight of the 2019 Peterbilt 375, he decided an RGN trailer was the best to transport the semi truck from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Denton, Texas.

    With everything ready, Milos contacted one of our professional drivers near the pick up location the day before the pickup date and briefed him. The following day, he went to the pickup location where he loaded the semi truck on the trailer carefully and secured it. After he was dispatched, our driver used the shortest route to transport the semi truck from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Denton, Texas. He got to the drop off location on time with the semi truck safe.

    Minnesota Semi Truck Shipping | 2019 Peterbilt 375

    HeavyEquipmentTransport.com offers reliable and timely semi truck shipping services to and from Minnesota.

    2019 Peterbilt 375 Shipment HeavyEquipmentTransport.com helped a client transport a semi truck with these features to and from the following locations.
    Origin :
    Columbus, IN
    Destination :
    Denton, TX
    13,000 lbs
    28L 8.5W 12H

    Heavy Equipment Transport Ships All Types of Semi-Trailer Trucks Including:

    18-Wheeler Truck Shipping - Bob Tail Semi Truck Transport - Commercial Semi Truck Hauling - Day Cab Semi Tractor Truck Transport - Flatbed Trailer Semi Truck Shipping - Ford Semi Truck Transport - Freightliner Semi Truck Shipping - Kenworth Semi Truck Transport - International Semi Truck Hauling - Mack Semi Truck Transport - Peterbilt Semi Truck Shipping - Sleeper Cab Tractor Truck Hauling - Tractor Trailer Transport - Tractor Truck Shipping - Volvo Semi Truck Hauling

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