Transporting a Rolling Chassis Pulling Tractor with Heavy Equipment Transport

Transporting a Rolling Chassis Pulling Tractor with Heavy Equipment Transport


William Thomas / January 2021

Chad Cardoso was in charge of transporting a rolling chassis pulling tractor from Berkshire, NY to Roberts, MI. The client had just bought it and wanted it urgently transported. Chad recommended our expedited shipping services at an extra fee. The client was fine with that and as soon as he got off the phone, Chad started processing the shipment immediately. He fully insured the rolling chassis pulling tractor and gained all the paperwork needed to have it transported with no issues. He looked at the specifications of the Rolling chassis pulling tractor and decided its 7,000 pounds 18×7.3×7.11 would fit perfectly on a flatbed trailer. With everything ready, he contacted our driver in Berkshire, NY and instructed him to pick up the rolling chassis pulling tractor. 

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When our driver got to the pickup location, he carefully loaded the rolling chassis, pulling the tractor, and secured it using strong straps. He called Chad Cardoso and told him he was ready to move. When he was dispatched, he used route I-90 W. Along the way, he would constantly adjust the straps. After about 17 hours, he was at the drop off location. Our drivers are professionals with skills to maneuver through the shortest routes and deliver our clients’ heavy equipment safely and on time. 

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When he unloaded the rolling chassis pulling tractor, he inspected it together with the owner to check if it had been delivered in the same condition that he had picked it in. After confirming this, our client was really impressed by our reliable heavy equipment shipping services. He left us a positive review for our professionalism, affordability and punctuality. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we guarantee our clients timely and safe heavy equipment shipping services. Our shipping cost is all-inclusive and with no hidden charges. To transport heavy equipment from anywhere in the country to your destination of choice, contact us today through (888) 730-2951.

Chad Cardoso


Chad is a top-quality professional logistics agent who always puts his clients first. From the moment Chad became a part of the NTS family, he put his best foot forward, striving to improve not only at logistics, but as a person. He represents his clients with professionalism and care, because he believes every person who comes to NTS deserves the best transport experience available.